Ave Maria – Luxury Balcony Cruise Ship

MV Ave Maria - Luxury Balcony Ship (LUX)


The MV Ave Maria (formerly Everglow), sister ship of MV Infinity, is the new Deluxe Superior vessel with maiden voyage in 2018. With supreme technology, comfort, and latest trends in small ship construction, Ave Maria will offer the best possible Croatia cruise experience. Maximum capacity of 38 passengers in 19 twin or double cabins, guaranteeing an intimate setting for all guests. Modern cabins, fully equipped with air condition, safe deposit box, fire alarm, emergency lights and audio system for announcements by the captain or Tour Director.

In addition each cabin has life jackets, desk and tabouret (small chair), wardrobe, night stand, small sofa and a porthole window (except one main deck cabin with 2 large oval windows). Bathrooms equipped with toilet, shower, wash basin and hair dryer. All cabins have indoor passage access to the bar and restaurant area (except one main deck cabin that is connected to restaurant via deck). Spacious fully air-conditioned main deck dining room offering privacy for each guest including bar area with LCD TV, a corner buffet breakfast table and lounge area on the rear of the upper deck. Kitchen built up to the latest HACCP standards. Large sundeck that has a total surface of 250 m2 (2690 sq. ft.) with partial sun-shade cover of 70 m2 (753 sq. ft.) and comfortable deck-beds for all passengers all with easy access to Jacuzzi tub. The vessel has a rear platform with mini pool with ladders for easy access into the water and offers two outdoor showers and two deck lavatories.