Booking Process – How to Book

The Booking Process

Have a look around our website using the Menus, or the keyword search feature on the home page. If you are looking for a particular ship name you can enter the ship name as the keyword.

When you find something you like, click ‘Hold Option‘, ‘Reserve now‘ or ‘Make an enquiry‘ for that product and send us your details (including everyone’s name please). No payment will be taken yet, and we will email you with all the details before any payment is required. If a cruise or tour is fully booked, it will say ‘Sold out’ on our website next to the price. We only close off cruises and tours when we are 100% sure that departure is full, and occasionally departures will look like they are available but might still be fully booked.

Once we have received your request, we then need to double check on actual availability. All cruises need to be manually double checked with Croatia as the small ship cruises only have around 20 cabins on each ship, so the available cabins can change rapidly overnight and even from hour to hour as options go on and off hold and cabins get booked and go off sale.

We will get back to you within 24 hours with a Provisional Booking email provided your choice is available. We will let you know either way.

For Escorted Tours with guaranteed departures, we’ll also double check to confirm availability and get back to you with a Provisional Booking.

As the booking situation for Cruises is so volatile, especially with last minute bookings, we do not even send quotes for cruises unless we are sure that a cruise is available. We cannot offer you a cruise unless we know a cabin is being held for you and that means we need to wait until the Croatian business day is over for a reply (5pm GMT+1 time-zone). Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Please be patient, as we need to wait until the European business hours to hear back on your request, and they usually start work around 7pm Australian time when our daylight savings is ‘on’ or 5pm Australian time when their daylight savings is ‘on’ during their summer, so often we cannot let you know until the following business day Australian time. It takes overnight to get an answer, as their business day doesn’t finish until 3am our time and sometimes they cannot answer us until the end of their working day.

Once we’ve confirmed availability and held an option for you, we’ll then send you a Provisional Booking (with an expiry date noted), collect a deposit payment from you if you wish to proceed, (or full payment for small bookings or if it’s within 65 days of start date)  and then Confirm your booking with the local supplier (this might take another 24hrs). We will then email you again with a Booking Confirmation after they get back to us once it’s all double-checked one final time. Until this time, please do not make travel arrangements such as flights or ferries in case there has been a problem or the option lapsed if your payment has been delayed or some other small problem. Please check our full Terms and Conditions here.

Payment details are on your Provisional Booking email, and payment can be made securely online with credit card, or by EFT / direct deposit into our bank account. Please note that EFT deposit can take up to 3 working days to show in our account if you send from a small credit union or overseas. Please keep the Provisional Booking expiry date in mind when paying by EFT. If you pay and the option has expired and the product is no longer available and we cannot find a replacement product for you, we will refund you in full.

Our Island Hopping Tours (multi-day independent tours) and Excursions (day tours) are usually always available, so we can book those last minute for you, even just a few days ahead.

We can also take your booking over the phone or by email, and sometimes it’s best just to have a quick chat first to ensure that your expectations for your holiday match the reality of what is on offer.

Please call us in Australia on 1300 660 189 or (61) 2 9212 1507 or from abroad you can call/text us on WhatsApp +61 2 9212 1507 (and please leave your email address in the message if you are in a different time zone so that we can contact you out of hours), or email us at [email protected]. If you are not in Australia, please make a note of your available contact times as sometimes we can’t tell your time zone from your phone number or email address and we don’t want to wake you if we text or call. Please also type in the full number including the area code and country code and whether it’s a mobile number or landline. Thank you.

Our business hours generally are from Midday 12pm – 8pm Monday-Friday (Australian Eastern Standard Time), and usually a flexible part of Saturdays. This allows us to work for a portion of both the Australian and Croatian business day, which means you can get your requests answered faster.

We mostly work in GMT+10 time zone (+11 in daylight savings time), and though are hours can be varied in high season, often this means that some other time zones (particularly USA Eastern Time) are hard to connect with during both our respective business times. Please, send us an email or WhatsApp so that we can communicate with you easily irrespective of time zones. Thank you.

Credit card payments can be made securely online. Ask us for details.